provides current mobile friendly offshore weather reports for Sailors from buoy's all around North America. Bookmark our page, and view it on your mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. There is no need to install or purchase an app! Get your current offshore weather report before your head out on a trip! We have listings of all the coastal areas around North America. Or you can enter your GPS co-ordinances in the form at the bottom of this page for an area not listed.

Alabama - California - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Hawaii - Louisiana - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Mississippi - New Jersey - New York - New Hampshire - North Carolina - Oregon - Rhode Island - South Carolina - Texas - Virginia - Washington

Use the form below to search for your own co-ordinances.
Be sure to use this format....
Enter your latitude in decimal format, South is negative.
Enter your longitude in decimal format, West is negative.
Enter your search radius in nautical miles (100 is the default).
Change the form fields to your GPS co-ordinances. As our example shows.



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Sailing is one of the most eco-friendly sports on the planet! with more than 5000 year old technology the sport of sailing is becoming ever more popular in the technological based world. There is nothing greater than to spend a relaxing day on the water!