• Dress warmly and appropriately. Make sure you have your own hat, sunscreen, waterproof jacket, and non-slip, non-marking, closed-toe shoes.

  • Use the toilet facilities at the club before you get on the boat.

  • Safety is important – the club will provide you with a life jacket. Life jackets are essential on a dinghy and recommended on a keelboat in certain weather conditions and locations.

  • Be careful not to stand on ropes or sheets and don’t wrap them around your hands.

  • Keep your hands and fingers clear of blocks and winches where ropes or sheets are.

  • Hold onto something on the boat. One hand for you and one hand for the boat is a common saying.

  • Don’t leave a mobile phone (or even a wallet) in your pocket as they may be lost overboard.

  • Follow the skipper’s instructions and ask questions if you don’t understand.

  • Don’t drop or throw anything overboard.

  • Let the club, skipper or Instructor know if you have a disability, illness or injury that might influence your ability to participate. Contact the club beforehand if you would like to discuss exactly what the activity involves and what your limitations might be.

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Sailing is one of the most eco-friendly sports on the planet! with more than 5000 year old technology the sport of sailing is becoming ever more popular in the technological based world. There is nothing greater than to spend a relaxing day on the water!